Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thoughtful Throwback Thursday: Long Classroom Day Makes Jules Rambly

Who am I kidding? It doesn't take much for a rambling, wordy blog from me! The past two weeks, I have spent eight hours a day in a classroom. Now I have homeschooled for 11 years but we don't sit for eight hours straight. It has been a challenge for my mind and body, definitely see runs in my future next week.

The new job is going well, definitely can see a long future with this company. Today I met my supervisor, she was talking about how transplant drug calls mean a lot to her. I immediately got the chills, she then said, '' My daughter was an organ donor.'' I knew right then, I am in the right place with the right supervisor. My friend Melani said, ''It seems like it was just meant to be.'' So true, I love the environment and can see a long career ahead there.

Sometimes I have wondered, ''Why do I keep blogging? What is the purpose of this blog? People must be really tired of me talking about my life!?" and ''Where is this thing going?''

My main purpose is to share my struggles and triumphs with others. If I can make a difference in someone else's life then it is worth it. Just wanting to spread joy, positivity, love and be upbeat. Truly wanting to encourage others. For every difficult thing I have shared on this blog, there is so much more to my story of life that many don't know. As open and transparent as I am, there are dark parts of my life that very few know that I don't share. I would rather talk about happy things and bring a little light into this dark world.

My blog for my friend Jim really touched him and his family. I am still getting comments days later and it has really been encouraging to encourage him.

Then today a former member of Candace's website came to me on Facebook. She told me how much she admired me and how I helped her through her first tour of duty in Iraq. I was floored, sitting in the break room at my job crying. My co-worker looked over and said, ''Are you crying?" obviously my co-workers have yet to learn of my teary nature. I had no clue that I had impacted anyone much less a soldier in Iraq. Amazing!

It was so encouraging and reminded me of why I blog and tweet, it made my day and gave me focus to keep going. Also my friend Rebecca told me last week on the phone that I am making a difference and to keep going. So I march forward in my one girl band!

The talk about transplant reminded me, I have been angry with myself for being upset over trivial things recently. I remember what it was like just a few short years ago, I tend to over think everything and recently my over thinking has been out of control! Today reminded me to not go there and stay positive.

As I was sitting pondering ''WHY DO I BLOG EVERYDAY IN NOVEMBER'' yes, I was #CAPSLOCK yelling at myself in my head. Then it hit me, that still, small voice, one I know is greater than mine. '' Go back and read your old blogs. See where you have come from and remember what is good.''

November 6, 2007: "Marty has been accepted for dual transplant and will be listed as soon as one lab comes back! YAY! This is the best news we have had in a long time."

November 6, 2008: "Something that did come to me since I wrote the last post on this subject. Most of last year was filled with many unknowns and stresses. The unknown of dialysis, now that has passed and we know the answer. The unknown of when he would be able to get his heart test done, that has passed and we know the answer. The unknown of when the transplant will happen remains left standing.Above all I know, God is in control and I am not. Worrying gets you know where and no matter what things always work out."

November 6, 2009: "Today marks two years of waiting. Really short in comparison to the family who will live forever without their loved one. Pray not for us but for them. Our wait is short compared to theirs."

November 8, 2010: "Today marks 3 years of waiting. Three years ago today, they told us it would take a year and here we are still waiting. It has been a hard, challenging road, running on pure faith and pressing on toward the goal. Sometimes there aren't many words to be said. Our prayer is that God has used us to minister to others, that he has changed us permanently and that we can use this to help others.

Our prayer is always for the donor and their family. Today I think of them and the time they have left on this earth.

Today we are at UC Davis looking for a second listing. We are hoping this will speed things up, maybe God wants us to move transplant centers? only he knows but he has opened the door for us to come here.

I hope next year on this date we will be celebrating together."

November 6, 2011 " I left my Southern California hometown and headed to my Central California home. No matter how long I am away or how long I have lived here, Whittier will always be my home. Doesn't mean I want to live there just means I love to go visit.

Since September 24th I have seen almost every member of my family. Aunts, Cousins,Nephews, Nieces, Parents,and both siblings. I've only missed seeing one aunt, one uncle, one cousin and two nephews. That really blows my mind. In fact, I have seen one entire side of the family and all of those cousins!

I praise God for his faithfullness. He answered prayers about my Dad's health and did it at the perfect time. I could leave Marty, I was missing home and now Dad is on the right track to wellness."

By that post, Marty was well again. He had been transplanted on 1/12/11, our life was back on track and I could travel again. My Dad was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and I was able to go care for him.

The point of this exercise was to remind me, look where you've come from and keep blogging everyday in November. Good reminder to self, life could always be so much worse!

PS Life is good! I love my new job and cannot wait to start my new schedule.