Monday, November 18, 2013

I'm Turning Fabianese

I'm turning Fabianese, I'm turning Fabianese, I really think so.

Have you ever wondered what is Fabianese?

Ever wondered why I mispell words in tweets with the hashtag #Fabianese?

In 2010, I followed one of mine and Conner's favorite cyclists on Twitter. I had a locked account, didnt follow anyone cycling related besides a few riders. Fabian was my first rider that I followed on Twitter, his tweets had the effect of bringing me pure joy and laughter. You see, Fabian Cancellara is a smart man who speaks seven languages. He is a rider from Switzerland who is very fast, so fast he once was accused of having a secret engine in his bike. Fabian is pure class, style, he isn't called Fabulous Fabs for no reason.

Fabian's tweets would make me laugh. I would save them to read later because they made me so happy. Then I opened my Twitter and started following cycling fans, I mentioned my love for Fabian's tweets and they told me, ''Oh that is called #Fabianese by other fans on here''  and so I started following #the Fabianese hashtag.

Fabianese is fun. It's basically all seven languages he knows rolled into one sentence and tweet at a time. Add in his special Twitter hashtag love and you have a Twitter goldmine

 Even Fabian himself loves the #Fabianese hashtag and often plays into the fun. A few months ago, he had a Twitter question and answer session. I had a burning question, one that had often nagged at me. Was Fabian okay with us speaket #the Fabianese and was it okay if we did? I hear they could hear me screaming in California when he answered me.

I got permission to speaket #the Fabianese as long as I don't make too meany( many) mistakes. 

He also told me I could have a #suissequality American fan club. Evericing is posible

The same day he apologized to #canada for being more popular than it on Twitter. #truestory

Evericing is possible, that is #the Fabianese theme song for those who don't know.

3/4 of the fun of Fabianese is trying to figure out what he is saying or meaning in his tweets. My friends Maiko, Deb, Mary, Caroline, Beth, Naomi, Jen, Dot and Heidi and I all have fun trying to figure it out. Maiko is #Fabianese go to gal, she knows of where to find old Fabianese tweets. We just have fun and as long as he doesn't care we are having fun then even more fun is to be had.

We love speaket to each other in the fabianese. We lovet to decipher the Fabianese. We lovet the Fabs and the Fabianese.

When I am sad or having a bad day, I will go back and read old Fabianese tweets for fun.

My all time favorite Fabianese tweet and one of his very first:

he no wonna airco

The infamous planket tweet

The famous beginning of #unclass. How could a hotel not have a stocked minibar?

Don't worry he found it! Too bad he didn't have coins.....

I am no expert, I didn't coin the term but I sure do love talking about Fabianese with my friends and laughing while we do. I love that Fabian loves it himself and has just as much fun with it.

Heidi @heidimo6 recently compilete a list of the Fabianese. This is a very small list of the meanings, she gave it to me to share on my blog. Thanks Dave #fastinationperfectimous

It is a start of a list. If anyone has anything to add just leave a comment for it to be added. What is your favorite Fabianese tweet?

Fabianese Compilet

meany = many
busparking space = refers to stage 1 of 2013 TdF
#iamexcite = excited, with a hashtag
#the = the, made special with hashtag
defently = definitely
twitterfreaks = (self-explanatory)
normalo = normal
#askFabian = because Fabs is all knowing
evribody = everyone, all people
maket = made
hole, hohle = whole or entire, also can mean an opening in the ground, interchangeable
tiered = tired, exhausted
evricing = everything, all of it
fullgas = putting forth a great effort
unluck = the opposite of luck, not lucky
unclass = the opposite of class, not classy
 unwin= not winning, bad, not good
excitet = see “iamexcite”
#WorldRankingLeader = Fabian on the UCI rankings
shure = sure, certain
#paininthelakes = sore legs, with a hashtag & lakes in place of legs
befor or bevor = before
startet = started, began
one ball wonder on fire = Markel Irizar
beasy = busy
littel = little or small
Pink = songwriter, one of Fabian’s favorites
disturbet = disturbed
#legendmovie = Dumb and Dumber
gratulation = congratulations
belive = believe
#tetrapak = something purchased at a store, acceptable with milk but not with wine #badwinefoshure
eny = any
menschen = mention
explodet = exploded
bustoillette = where flies like to hang out
obligation = something done in the bustoillette
#pizzaofen = creates bad smell in the house when #fullgas is on
woack = woke
large hail = comparable to eggs
terrasse = terrace
#happyeastern = hashtag holiday greeting
#emptyminibars = see #unclass
hugh = huge, very large
#thatwasasteepfu = climbs of 18% or more
perfectionismus = perfectionism
planket= blanket, preferably one not stolen by Stuey O’Grady
wona= want to
gona= going to
airco= Air conditioning which is bad in Fabian’s world
fullgaspaininthegamba= going so fast you hurt your legs
fastination perfectiomous= yeah, we are still trying to figure that one out!

Dedicated to my unee Maiko who makes Twitter fun and is my Fabianese soul sister from another mother. Thank you for teachet me and always finding my favorite fabianese tweets for me.