Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Infamous Max

In 2001, we adopted a dog named Max. Everyone who knows Max knows, he is a challenging dog to love and care for. Highly intelligent far smarter than his owners or any other dog we've ever owned. We often tell people he is an evil genius.

He can escape his crate, so we bought him a large six foot high, chain link kennel. He chewed through it.

He loves to run away, he ran away and got into our only neighbors trash a few weeks ago. She was worried he ate some chocolate. We weren't worried in the least....he is a superhuman dog, I told her, ''sorry my dog is a jerk.'' because a few months earlier, he kept her up all night barking when we left him in his kennel for the night.

He likes to run the schedule around here...he gets up, wants out, then wants food and will throw himself around until he gets that. I cannot even go to the bathroom myself before letting him out in the morning.

Recently he has taken to opening the zippers on Marty and I's backpacks and lunch coolers. We leave the room and find them dragged around and open, contents strewn about to and fro.

My friend's Mary, Heidi, Jen and I often joke around on Twitter about Max. We have determined he's an evil genius plotting to take over the world. We also joke he communicates with them via DM on Twitter. He is truly that smart of a dog.

He speak saying ''No'' which is his favorite word. One morning he was crying ''out momma'' from the kennel after I left for work, so loud that it woke Elizabeth up. He says ''Momma'' and  ''out'' as well.

If you saw him run and move around, you wouldnt believe he is thirteen. He is grey and lumpy now. As I was typing this blog, Conner just asked him if he had something to say and he said, ''No'' very clearly and loud. He knows what the camera looks like and will always stop talking when we get it out.

He is my foot warmer in the winter, companion during porch time and protector of the family. We are glad we've given him a good home. Despite his running away, bossy nature and foraging ways ( last week, he acted like he wanted to sleep on the couch. The next morning I figured out why, he ate the rest of a bag of Twizzlers off the table)

Only those who've met him will truly understand this post. He is an old dog, who acts young and will probably live a lot longer. He really takes a lot of hard work and TLC, many would've given up on him years ago.