Saturday, November 9, 2013

Y'all are Jealous of My Auntie Em!

I have a family on Twitter.......a complete made up family of friends who've become a part of my everyday life and I love them like family. This past summer when I hit the wall, they were there to pick me up because we interact on a daily basis.

I've got sisters galore, besties, a couple of brothers, an adopted mom and dad. Then a few hundred friends on top of that!

Auntie Em is one of my favorites, she is my Tennessee neighbor and friend. She was introduced to me by the famous Anita, who is my TN tweep as well. I moved to East Tennessee with a whole Twitter family. I have my Auntie Em, Dad Burnett, Sister of the heart Anita and my southern momma Jane. I am a very lucky girl and many will attest to this fact.

Auntie Em often gives me blog ideas, heck she and her husband recently gave me a title for my book that I am writing next year! She is just awesome, she prays for me, sends me scripture, listens to me on the phone when I need her. She is like a mom, older sister and aunt all in one. She has become a mentor to me and I rely on her greatly.

She has even sent me little care packages. Came to visit me at work and hug on me!

The best is when she, Kay, Debbie and I go back and forth with Jeff ''DadBurnett'' because we end up often saying, ''y'all aint rite'' to each other!

Tonight, she and our ''little'' Dot, one of the sweetest girls on Twitter and I were going back and forth about what I should blog about. Then it hit me, I got the sweetest package( again ) from Em in the mail today and she has given me many blog topics. She is one of my biggest blog supporters and she deserves a shout out!

If y'all aint followin @IamAuntieEm on Twitter, then you're missing out on a blessing!

Truly one of my things to be thankful for this past year is Auntie Em! So it is high time she get a blog braggin on! Just another one of the many reasons to love Twitter!

A/N I wrote this in a TN accent just for her.