Saturday, November 16, 2013

Simply Oscar

Since I've written about Max, it is only fair I tell you about Oscar. We adopted Oscar for the kids in 2006, since Max wanted nothing to do with them. They called us from the ASPCA in our town, we had asked to be notified when a Dauchsund came available. He was barking in the kennel at us, following us back and forth. We took him into a side room, he was wagging his tail and being very energetic.

That dog bamboozled us!

He is really happy, energetic on the other hand?? Not so much. He got his family and that was enough to make him decide that life is best done laying down on a pillow. My couch pillows to be exact.....

I tried to hide the couch pillows from him, I kept coming home to them scrunched down from him laying on top of them and by on top, I mean this

Or this

He loves Elizabeth or ''his little girl'' as we call her. He will let her do ANYTHING she wants to him and he just lays there. 

He is just a lover, happy as a clam and dumb as a box of rocks. E likes to tell the story about how she caught him staring at the wall once. He sat there staring and then slowly licked the wall. That's Oscar.

We often say that he and Max are Pinky and the Brain.

Oscar is rarely badly behaved, if ever. He helped Marty greatly through his illness, he would go lay by Marty when he was really sick.

He is just pure joy, one of the best dogs we've ever owned. Even has fans around the world including my friend Fanette in France!

He's a special dog, truly brings us joy every single day and makes up for the madness that is Max. Poor Oscar, he isnt immune from Max. The worst thing is Max will often mark Oscar out in the yard, like he owns him or something. 

Oscar often forgets his name or who we are....yes, randomly some days, he will start barking at as when we come into a room, like we are strangers! Every five minutes is a new day to Oscar.

He loves to go for a ride! You can even just put him in the car and not drive, he thinks he has gone on a ride

He is just special, to really see that you just have to meet him. Everyone who meets him, loves him.